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Welcome to The Patriot Woodwiki

This is a knowledge-base repository of wood related research projects regarding the people within the woodworking disciplines, and the tools and machinery that are used by woodworkers, and the final product that is arrived by these processes. In other words, if the subject is related to wood in any way, it should be entered here.


Please REGISTER and contribute, help us grow and help those who come after us to learn and create.

The Patriot Woodworker community

Please join us at our online woodworking forum community at for fun interaction and sharing with fellow woodworkers.

What you can share

You can share your knowledge as you know it by creating wiki pages, and others can edit your pages to help grow the subject.

  • This is a collaborative project where all content is free and available for the public.
  • You may submit your own original works, and you may submit copyrighted material with the permission of the originator of such material.
  • This knowledge base of content is completely open, all content in our repository can be copied, shared, and used in any manner the user deems appropriate as long as the use is in line with common decency and in the spirit of sharing, learning and creating.
  • Please research your projects carefully and diligently, post only meaningful articles and images and files, and name all your files appropriately before uploading to our database.
  • If you don't want your media or text entries edited mercilessly or copied and used else where, please do not post it here.
  • Above all, contribute, edit, and collaborate with boldness! Others can always come in behind you and clean up, verify, reference and add! Just have fun!

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